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FBLA Attends District Contest

Fourteen FBLA members attended District Leadership Conference in Kirksville on February 4. Winners were Gracey Gordon 1st place Impromptu Speaking and 3rd place in Marketing; Tanner Tipton 2nd place in Agribusiness and 3rd place in Marketing; Gracie Foster and Maddie Lunsford 6th place in Public Service Announcement; Ashton Lee and Allysen Jones 1st place in Management Decision Making; Mia Sales 3rd place in Public Speaking; Ryan Jepson, Beau Kraft, and Chloe Carter-Robinson 4th place in Entrepreneurship; Mia Salas, Delaney Embree, Brianne Foster, Madelyn Lynch, Summer Fude 2nd place in Parliamentary Procedures. Several students . . .

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From Mrs. Foster's Desk

Wow, what a whirlwind of a month January was! We came back from Christmas break and got back into a routine, only to have the "Snowpocolypse" hit and give us another week of vacation! Last week was a fun week. Students in the elementary were able to participate in a snowman building contest, dress up days for homecoming, and we created a poster for the gym. Now that homecoming is over and the weather seems to be cooperating, we are back to our normal routine in 5th grade. We are currently learning how to multiply fractions in math, and learning about natural resources in science. In reading, we have been . . .

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Preschool News

Where has the time went? We have been working hard on learning our letters, numbers and our names. I am so happy with the progress these students have made this year.  The preschool students have finished a unit on penguins. We learned that penguins don't fly, they don't live at the North Pole, and they have feathers.  We made our own penguins and we walked like penguins with eggs on our feet just like they do.  Ms. Hannold, the art teacher, drew us penguins in life size.  The Emperor penguin was taller than some of the preschool students. This was interesting to see their face when they noticed . . .

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Dress Code Updates Approved by Board

Dress Code Proper dress is expected at all times. Shoes should be appropriate for safety and comfort.  Caps and hats should not be worn in the building.  Please make sure your child is sufficiently dressed for outside recess in cold weather.  Shorts are discouraged during cold weather. Shoes shall be worn at all times No halter tops, backless clothing, see through garments, or bare midriffs. All undergarments, including bra straps, should not be visible.  Bralette straps may be visible when worn under a shirt. The bralette straps must cover regular bra . . .

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Heads Up for Head Lice

No one wants to receive a call from the School Nurse advising them that their child has head lice. Human head lice have been with us, living off our human blood since the Dawn of Time. Luckily, they do not spread any diseases, but having them can be an annoyance and distraction. Click here for some information and our school’s policy regarding human head lice. Contact the nurse with any questions.

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